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Single Serve K-Cups 12pk

Why are our K-Cups so good?

Now you can brew Oceana Coffee in your single serve K- cup brewer at home, or in the office.

Why are our K-Cups so good?

We roast our coffee fresh 5 days a week.
We make our own K-cups in house, right here in the Roasting HQ, no co-packing, no stale low grade coffee like many others.
Each and every cup is nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness.
We weigh each batch and check weigh our cups as they are being made to ensure you get a great cup of coffee everytime.
Our cups deliver a good solid 10-12oz cup of coffee everytime because we have correctly calculated the coffee weight ratio for flavor.
Every box of K-cups comes stamped with a roast date, so you know how fresh it is.
Oh yeh and our K-cups are 100% recyclable!
You can choose any one of our yearly coffees in single serve cups, there are 12 cups per box, roasted, ground and packaged in house just for you to brew at home, one cup at a time.